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Joram Muwonge

Who is Joram Muwonge?
He was born and raised in a middle class family in Makindye, a Kampala suburb. His parents are; Mr. Jackson Kasozi Muwanga and Mrs. Veronica Kasozi Gasingirwa.
Joram is the second last born out of Four boys and three girls.

Growing up as a young boy, Joram was greatly inspired by his mother who was a hardworking woman. His mother had a beauty saloon where she had many customers and used to produce her own hair and skin products for her customers. The Community around them loved the products and always demanded
them at a small scale. His mother saved the money and invested in small scale real estate, agriculture and transport. JORAM was made manager of his mother’s investments when in junior level. Joram was motivated by his mother to be self-employed and this made Joram to push on with the strategy of having his own business.

Through out school, Joram believed that he can brand the products his mother made and increase their market and since the beauty products market was virgin back then in Uganda. He always told his mother about the same business idea.
Having completed primary, Joram joined Old Kampala Senior Secondary for his high school education. In Secondary school during the first month of studies at age of 12, Joram saw this as an opportunity to arise his dream since the school was in the capital city. He went to research and inquire more about the products he wanted to manufacture and its legal registration even before producing anything. He did this with no one’s concern. The Director of the Standards office referred to him as an Inspiration and pride to his
parents since he dreamt big at a tender age.
At 18 years in vacation, he tried to pursue his dream company. His mother believed he can pursue both education and business, besides she was ready to help him.

First Facebook Page
Joram had created a Facebook page called Kampala Sqoop in his vacation basically for advertising his products, and it grew slowly. He used Kampala Sqoop page for motivating people worldwide who started calling him for gatherings and schools to speak.

Due to circumstances beyond control, he never graduated from college at the prestigious Makerere University due to some retakes he had from Semester two and failing final project. Joram has his reasons to why that happened well documented in his soon to be published book “Just Like My Mother”, ‘A story of graceful parenting and inspiring the youths’.

Dropping out of school, he embarked on his dream business with his mother’s help. He branded the products and advertised them on social media and this increased the market for his goods in the competitive market.

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Joram now recruits and employs people. He has since overseen the development, inception, prosperity and success of over 3 Muwonge Group companies in various sectors and still counting. That’s Joanita Beauty Products, Kampala Sqoop, JM home Loans and Kampala sqoop Cares Foundation.

Long Term Goals and Aspirations
Joram has a business hoping to grow up to being a great market leader in 8 years supplying the whole of East and Central Africa. He plans to employ like 250 employees in 10 years. Joram’s interest is to change billions of people through his motivational speaking, writings, videos and his books across the Globe, traveling from Continent to continent. Also to change people through leadership and human rights activist. Joram motivates people never to lose hope in life and graceful relationships through his social media with over 1,000,000 followers via writings, audios, videos and publishing. Soon publishing a book entitled “Just Like My Mother ” ie ‘A Story Of graceful Parenting And Inspiring the Youths’

He inspires many who call him and reward him where necessary. “With a million Joram Muwonge, the world would be a better place” a said by one director at the National Bureau of Standards he met with as a teenager.

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